Project Management & Building Fitouts

All successful ventures start off with a good design concept and even more importantly the right tradesmen to carry out that design. Tradesmen that can think on their feet, adapt to unforseen changes within the schedule, know their respective standards and regulations inside and out to ensure our clients site is compliant.


Complete Electrical can offer an all in one service; with our multiple tradesmen experienced in various fields we can provide the full design of your project, the installation of all services within the building and the certification once the project is completed giving our clients the peace of mind that the project is completed to a high standard and is compliant with all regulations and standards that govern our trades


Design & Management

With the wide range of experience within the Complete Electrical team and the varied backgrounds of our people we can work with our clients to design their project, project manage the trades required for the project and carry out the project from start to finish.


With all of Complete Electricals tradesmen coming from varied backgrounds we can offer electrical services, gas services, plumbing services, mechanical services, engineering services and refrigeration services and because our tradesmen are a tight knit team we can work in with each trade to complete the project on time with minimal delay


With Complete Electrical you can be certain that once we have completed your project it will be certified, compliant and safe for everyone involved