Complete Electrical specialise in preventative maintenance of commercial equipment. We know your equipment is your income which is why we believe that maintaining your equipment is essential to your business and its success. We have three options to choose from to provide our clients with the most suitable option for their requirements, the options range from the basic service package to the peace of mind contract




Why you should not take your equipment maintenance lightly 



The above contactor which was still operational was found on a planned routine maintenance and posed a significant fire hazard; the oven was taken out of operation and

the client was notifed immediately and proceeded with the replacement of the contactor giving them the peace of mind that their equipment is safe to use



The above photos are of the inside of a divider that came out of a well known food premises. The customer had been using oil on the machine, that combined with a lack

of cleaning resulted in the black critter infested sludge inbetween the pressing head and the knives (that's right those maggot looking critters are on the knives that cut the dough and probably end up in the food), this machine was still in operation until it started to smell.

By having a planned maintenance in place we would have identified this fault well before it got to this unhygenic state, we would have cleaned out the machine and trained staff on correct cleaning proceedures to prevent from happening again